The 100% customizable platform

Evey Premium allows you to easily manage events online and upstream by creating a homepage for event management (registration, ticketing...) and a site for live broadcasting and engagement during the event with several virtual spaces.

The registration

Custom fields

We can add as many fields as you want.

Logical conditions

We create conditional fields (If "Students" then "What is your university"..)

Secured access

We offer secure access by Event Code or Participant Code.

Data analytics

We provide you with a real time access to the data of the subscribers (number, profile, interactions,..)

Virtual participation badge

Once registered, we automatically generate a personalized badge according to the graphic charter of your event.

Emailing And Reminders

We send different personalized emails for 

speakers / participants according to your needs:

  • Invitations to participate
  • Confirmation of registration for the event
  • Reminder emails (D-3, D-1, H-1...)
  • Thank you for your participation email


Virtual space (Stage)

According to your needs, we create 100% customizable virtual spaces with video conferencing, Live Streaming 

and chat section.
We can integrate simultaneous translation, sign languages,...

Expo space

In this space, you can monetize your event through virtual booths with different display parameters (degree of visibility) and features granted according to the type of sponsor (Platinum, Gold, Silver,..).

A virtual booth can contain:

  • presentation of the company
  • a presentation video
  • sharing of documents : brochures, ...
  • possibility of networking: make an appointment
  • Video conference with a company representative on the day of the event

The speakers' page

This space allows you to highlight your speakers and the participant can consult the biography of the speaker and possibly make contact or appointment with him/her.

Knowledge center

Create a space for exchange and interaction around the themes addressed during your event.
Les participants pourront poster un message, une photo,.. et réagir sur les différentes publications(voter, répondre,..)

Integration of custom tools

Live translation tool

We offer the integration of real-time interpretation for all visitors attending the event on the virtual space (Live Streaming) with a flexible adjustment of the number of listeners through audio streaming software.


Various engagement tools

The platform allows for the easy integration of collaborative tools to engage your audience through voting, quizzes and polls. 

We integrate tools such as Google Forms, Padlet, Miro, Mentimiter, ...

They trust us

Créeons ensemble des événements inclusives & impactants

Discover our portfolio

A complete set of features for event planning

GWOPS congress

Accelerate the development of effective peer-to-peer partnerships among water sector operators worldwide.

Career and orientation forum

a meeting point and contact point for its network with economic actors, recruiters, associations and public and private institutions

Attijari Bank events hub

You will find here a variety of events covering various topics such as entrepreneurship, business, digitalization ... and affecting several sectors of activity: Health, Environment, IT ...

21st Days of Liberal Medicine of Bizerte

Welcome to the page of the STML SYNDICAT TUNISIEN DES MEDECINS LIBERAUX, the only medical union structure gathering general practitioners and liberal specialists.

Download the case study

Découvrez comment cet organisateur international d’événements a pu bénéficier d’un impact commercial considérable en utilisant Evey Premium pour gérer des événements à l’échelle mondiale.

Innovate for Cities used Evey Premium to manage a large-scale custom event.

The Innovate4Cities conference is an international gathering at the intersection of cities, climate change science and innovation. This groundbreaking meeting was jointly organized by UN-Habitat, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) and the IPCC, and developed by Evey Technologies.

Margot Lootens Climate Change Team, Innovate4Cities (Conference)

What a great effort from the entire team. Thank you to each of you for your hard work and dedication!

Lars Stodral Program Officer UN-Habitat , Innovate4Cities (Conference)

"Thank you so much for all your support and work you did to make our 4th Global WOPs Congress event a success over the past two weeks! We have received many positive comments "

Yasmine Hamrouni Communications Officer ,Democracy Reporting International . Tunisia’s Democracy (Conference)

"I would like to thank, on my behalf and on behalf of DRI, the entire Evey team for the quality of the work done in organizing the panel."